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City prep school is a room full of giggles. We create a warm, loving, and nurturing environment that help enhance their all round growth to give children a life long foundation of healthy, confident and secure development.

Our programme promotes learning primarily through motor and social skills, pre reading and pre writing which later on develops into readiness programme and makes the coming years easy and exciting to learn, music, art, drama, dance, projects, discovery centers, field trips, outdoor play, and adventure. Our monthly themes are nursery rhymes as per the topic, free play – where they choose their favorite toys and corner.

Activity Time: Where colouful papers, child friendly objects, colours are offered which stimulate their curiosity and creativity.

Story and picture talk: Where the children become friends with butterflies and fly away with them to the fairy land.

Our Monthly Themes also include a colour day where children come dressed in that particular colour with related activities.

All festivals, national days, important events are marked which exposes children to language, culture, social skills and social behavior

Finally an appropriate balance is created where the need for pencil is made flexible through drawing, tracing and creating patterns. Children are now connected to a learning environment which is dynamic, progressive and responsive to the evolving world in their classroom. .
   • For A Better Tomorrow!
We all know that “Charity begins at home, but should not end there”

On Pre-primary children donated the old toys to the underprivileged children.The toys and biscuits brought a smile to their face and was a joyous moment for our tinytots as well as the ones who took away their gift with joy and pride!

Our children learnt THE JOY OF GIVING without an expectation of receiving something in return...

​“We make a living by what we get,
But we make a life by what we give.”

   • Desh Mera Rangila....
Govinda Aala Re Aala...

Our tiny tots came dressed as Bal Krishna and Radha. Janmashtami festival was signified by one of our Bal Krishna breaking the dahihandi  and the children relished sweets.

The School also celebrated the 70th Independence Day of our Nation with pride and honour . The children  came dressed in tri-coloured outfits; were shown a power-point presentation showcasing our National Symbols i.e. Tiger, Lotus, Peacock, Sarnath Pillar and Mango. They  sang our National Anthem Jana Gana Mana with  joy and fervour!

Jai Hind!
   • Yellow Day
It depicts sunshine, warmth and energy.
Children clad in yellow outfits were like the 

Few activities like corn crops by finger dabbing and pop corns were made by paper crumpling.

The yellow day brought sunshine to the Pre-primary children and added zeal and zest.
   • Let's Go Green Together...
Our little angels, the future Global Citizens joined hands together for ‘Go Green’! 

Students were made to understand the importance of being friendly to the natural environment with emphasis on REUSE, REDUCE and RECYCLE.

As an outdoor activity tiny tots were taken out for “Nature Walk” and shown the green plants and trees. They enthusiastically participated in making charts and paper bags with old news papers, and took a pledge....

Say ’NO’ to plastic bags
    and Say ‘YES’ to paper bags!!
   • Baarish Aayee Chham Chham....
  Baarish Aayee Chham, Chham, Chham...
Baarish Aayee Chham, Chham, Chham....
Lekar Chhaata Nikale Hum...
Per Phisla Gir Gaye Hum...
Upar Chhaata Neeche Hum...
Monsoon brings colourful activities to the forefront.

The children enjoyed painting and dabbing on cotton to form clouds, the frog and snail painted using vegetables and the umbrellas decorated with flowers and laces.

The colourful dancing peacock and the rainbow with its seven colours added spice to the day to day hands on learning.

The children’s joy knew no bounds!
   • Blue Day 2017
It’s a cool cool day...
It’s a blue bubbles day...

The Pre-primary celebrated BLUE Day.
The children came dressed in blue colour outfits looking cheerful and pleased in a different look.
Teachers made it interesting with a variety of blue colour activities like painting, sticking of blue bits of papers, colouring and making raindrops and the dancing peacock. PowerPoint presentation shown on Monsoon, the Water cycle and Importance of water.

Conserve Water, Conserve Life!!
   • International Yoga Day - Wednesday, 21st June 2017
On Wednesday 21 June, the tiny tote celebrated International Day of YOGA.

Yoga has always been a part of our health and fitness program. We started our asanas by chanting ‘Om’ and gradually progressed through our session with various exercises which help our children to concentrate better, maintain good physical, mental and moral health and better concentration.

An oath to practice Yoga marked the end of the day!
   • Rock 'n' Roll
The enthusiastic kids were welcomed by their teachers to the 'Hat & Goggles' party. The children displayed their vibrant outfits, fancy hairstyles, cool googles and stylish hats. They enjoyed playing games and danced to the tune of their favourite numbers with their friends, followed by a cartoon movie. All the kids carried home a balloon with sweet memories. A fun filled finale to the academic year 2016 - 2017!!
   • Community Helpers
Thursday 23 February was marked to make aware, respect and appreciate all professions and assistance given to us to make our daily life comfortable and smooth.

Our tiny tots came dressed as different community helpers. They enacted and spread the message of social responsibility to the good citizens.
   • Visit to a Park
An outing with friends is always fun....

The Preprimary children were taken to a Shantaben Bhukhanwala Joggers and Walkers Park at JVPD, Vile Parle. On reaching the children were taken around to the beautiful and colourful garden before dashing to the much awaited play area. There was excitement, thrills and laughter as the children played on the slides and swings with their friends.

It was a funfilled exciting trip! ! !
   • Dental Checkup
We care and feel responsible for the overall growth of the child.

A dental camp was conducted in the School for our Pre-primary children.

A personal feedback form was sent home to the parents stating the necessary precautions and cure for their child's good health.
   • Glimps of Sports Day
Sports make the children physically and mentally happy.  On Saturday 17 December 2016, City Prep celebrated its “ANNUAL SPORTS DAY”. All the students assembled in their white costumes and red Santa Caps.  The school ground was filled with the air of zeal and excitement. The programme began with the school prayer, followed by the colourful March Past, torch bearer run and oath taking ceremony.

Ms. Kainaz B. Ghyara along with the dignatories welcomed the esteemed gathering and emphasised on the importance of ‘SPORTS’ in a child’s life. With the declaration of ‘Sports Meet' open the balloons soared high!’ Jr. Kg. students performed the dance drill with energy and vigour; followed by the variety races of Play Group, Nursery and Jr. Kg.  The air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes.

Sr. Kg. Students had their variety races at Prabodhan Ground on Friday 02 December 2016. The proud winners were felicitated by medals, and all the students were given a return gift. The memorable day ended with lowering of the Flag, vote of thanks and the National Anthem.
   • Save Water
When you conserve water, you conserve life ...

On Thursday 05 January, the Pre-primary children came dressed in blue outfits. They were explained the importance of water through charts and PPT. As a followup activity the tiny tots went home with headbands with a drop cutout in the centre to spread the message "SAVE WATER"

Every drop makes an ocean.....
   • Jungle Safari
Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai....

Jungle safari at City prep school.
We had Tigers, Rabbits, Monkeys, Cheetah, Elephants & many more dressed as pet and wild animals.
The sounds & actions filled the classrooms with acts making it a mini ZOO!
The message was loud and clear "Don’t shoot us with Guns, shoot us with cameras"
   • The International year of Pulses
The Pre-primary children were introduced to pulses during the healthy food week.
The children were shown pulses, their colours and size followed by an activity of germination.
As a part of our curriculum pulses are used to conduct different activities like sketching, creating shapes and figures, sorting and making of flash cards. Our Thursday 08 December tiny tots went around the school carrying placards showcasing ‘The Importance of Pulses’.

Eat healthy, Be healthy!
   • Children's Day
The School organised the event Fancy Dress show on Friday 11 November 2016.

The children came dressed as different Walt Disney Characters.

It started with the Disney Parade followed by each child speaking / inacting the character he / she was dressed as. The children
participated enthusiastically and enjoyed watching their peers.

Dancing to the music and playing with their friends they had a fun filled day. Chocolates were given as take away!!
   • Save Trees…Save Our Planet !!

The Preprimary children came dressed in green colour outfits spreading awareness to preserve trees, save our environment. After the morning Assembly, we started our session by a PPT on Germination, Grow more trees, Watering plants and Save our earth.

The children enjoyed the nature walk and watered the plants. Each child took home a small sapling of the germination activity on pulses done by them in class. These activities instil in the children to be aware of their surroundings and preserve our Natural resources.
   • Blue day!!
It’s raining, it’s pouring…
The blue drops are falling…

The children came dressed in colourful blue outfit The importance of rain, water conversation, water cycle and uses of water was explained by hands on learning; followed by a fun filled activity.

Children dressed in colours - a change from the normal makes them feel happy and adds a Smile to their day!
   • My New Friends!!
City prep welcomes the young students to the  academic year on Wednesday 8th June 2016-017.

The children were guided to their colourful vibrant classes. The teacher had a warm up session, self introduction of each child followed by a singing rhymes. A star badge saying  "Welcome to School" was the take away for one and all!
   • Vibgyor - A Splash of Colour!!
The children came dressed in any colour of the rainbow on Thursday 14th July 2016.

Play with colours elevates the mood of the children... They look different in rainbow coloured outfits, feel pleased get motivated and enjoy the activity. The seven colours were explained with a colourful activity like, painting, colouring and sticking bits of paper in the work book.

All this added spice to the Day!
   • The Yellow Day
Its raining, its raining!!

However it was sunshine in the Pre-primary section on Friday 29 July 2016 - THE YELLOW DAY. The Children looked vibrant in their yellow colour outfits and different than their daily uniform.

They enjoyed the activities like painting / collage work - the sun, crumpling of yellow paper into small corn balls, singing yellow duck and eating the yummy corn based snacks. A hands on learning and fun - filled day!
   • Celebrations!!
We in India bond culturally and traditionally. Festivals are an integral part of joyful learning.

Red, Green, Orange…. were the colours of their outfits showcasing “Raksha bandhan” tying the Rakhi with a promise to protect one another. Parsi new year had the children embracing each other and wishing Saal Mubarak and Good wishes. On Wednesday 24 August 2016 traditional celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna and the famous Dahi Handi festival was enjoyed by one and all.

Dahi Handi full of goodies was broken and the children enjoyed the sweets. I am proud to be an Indian… Our young students dressed in Tricolour outfits, saluting our National Flag took the pledge for 15 August 2016. The festive month was a joy for our little ones… Enlightening and bonding!
   • 69th Independance Day
On Friday 14 August, the children had a special assembly for the 69 Independence Day. Our national flag, bird, animal, flower were the highlights followed by class activities for this National festival. The children were dressed in tricolour outfits. Together we sang our national anthem with fervour and paid respect to our motherland.

Jai Hind!!
   • Day of Colours
The pre-primary section children were introduced to the basic primary colours. As a follow up activity, the children came dressed in blue outfits on Friday 30 June and Yellow outfits on Friday 10 July.

A group activity on water, raindrops and water cycle was performed in the class. Later in July we celebrated corn day by making corn balls as a class activity and popcorn's to snack on. The children enjoyed wearing mufti blue/yellow outfits and hands on with friends.

A good bonding activity!
   • Read Aloud...
Read Aloud. 15 Minutes. Every Child. Every Parent. Every Day.
When we say every parent we mean you. Research shows that reading aloud is the single most important thing you can do to help a child prepare reading and learning. It’s a good bonding and learning.
Library is our on-going activity sustain it forever . . .
   • Joy of Giving
“Charity” is a part of our pre-primary value education programme. The children donate toys, biscuits and stationary items to their underprivileged street friends. This activity create awareness among the children to be responsible and good citizens and they realise how blessed and fortunate they are.
   • Charity
The pre-primary section took up the project “Charity”

We had a newspaper drive, where the children donated some old newspapers. The children also contributed their old toys for their needy friends. On selling those papers, the proceeds were used to buy biscuits which were given to the underprivileged children. Our children were applauded for their community service and encouraged to keep the good work going!
   • Sports Meet 2014
  The Pre-primary sports meet was held on Saturday 20 December 2014.The children came dressed in their sports outfit looking smart, vibrant and excited.

The meet started with a March Past by our Junior and Senior kindergarten children. After the Oath taking ceremony and declaration of the sports meet open, our young athletes performed a musical drill and Move It display.

The parents were delighted to see the young athlete run and were applauded for their achievements. Besides the medal given to the winners, each child was gifted a ball and chocolate. It was a fun filled, Sporty event!
 • Van Mahotsav Day - Banner Making Activity
Aim:    To inculcate value of protecting / saving our Mother Earth.

This activity was conducted on special day of “Van Mahotsav” as we wanted students to know the importance of nature. Banner making activity was conducted for students of class III. The Banner included the slogans like “Save trees”, “Grow more trees”, “Save our environment” etc.

Students participated enthusiastically and used their innovative and creative methods and made banners to celebrate and spread the awareness importance of “Van Mahotsav day”.
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